May 11-Disorder

May 11-Disorder

May 11: Disorder


Scripture Lesson: James 3:13-16


On this date in 2008, fans at Shea Stadium sat through a 13 minute delay in the top of the ninth inning after David Ross batted out of order, hitting in Corey Patterson’s place in the line-up. Ross made an out and created a puzzling situation. The very confused umpires eventually made the right call, telling Ross to bat again, but with one out, and without Patterson having an opportunity to come to the plate. Batting out of order is an automatic out.


James writes a strong lesson for us today. We show our wisdom by living a good life with deeds done in humility. The opposite is also true: when we harbor envy and act with selfish ambition, that is not from God, but from Satan. Where selfish “me first” behavior occurs, disorder will ensue. Whatever we do, it must be done in all humility. When we allow selfishness and envy to creep into our lives, it is an automatic out with God. Instead of serving others and living for Him, we begin to elevate ourselves to an importance reserved only for God! Talk about disorder, that kind of living brings it on!

  1. How do we show wisdom, according to our passage today?

  2. Where does selfishness and envy come from?

  3. How do we make sure there is order in our lives?

Today may we truly see how we are living our lives…..are we in or out with God?



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