August 15-Confusion

August 15-Confusion

August 15-Confusion

Scripture Lesson: Genesis 11:1-9

On this date in 1926 when Babe Herman doubles with the bases loaded three Dodgers end up on third base. The runner on second rounds third but decides to go back as the runner from first reaches the same base, and a few seconds later Herman slides in to join his two teammates on third base. I never though the question who is on third could be answered with three names.

In our Scripture passage today, we understand how different languages occurred. It seems the people were getting too proud and sure of themselves. They decided to build a tower to heaven to make a name for themselves. They wanted to elevate themselves to God’s status. God caused a great confusion to be among the people in such a way that they were scattered all over the earth and their language was different. Confusion always arises when we become proud and arrogant in the way we live and approach God.

1. How does pride affect our relationship with God?

2. What happens when our priorities are out of order?

3. Describe the last time pride got in your way.

We can’t get a clear word from God when we attempt to elevate ourselves above God.

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